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About us

About Company


            Brief Introduction of the Group:

            Shuvam Group:

            Shuvam Group Pvt. Ltd.: is the group of company having its own separate legal perpetual succession with valued motive involved in the diverse streams of business namely;

  • Rai Investment & Trading Pvt. Ltd.: An independent investment and trading company. RIT is an Authorized sole distributor for Nepal for Automax Lubricant and Baxy Three Wheeler product. It is also a Super Dealer/ Distributor of VEEDOL brand Lubricants of Tide Water Company Limited-an Indian and American Multinational Company.
  • Shikhar Multi–purpose Cooperative Ltd.: Dealing in micro investment after collection of savings from members.
  • Shikhar Link Trading Pvt. Ltd.: Deals in Real estate sector & Sub–partner of VEEDOL Lubricant
  • Revive Leisure Park Ltd.: Health Club & Recreation Center
  • Dealer Nepal: E-commerce (Under Construction–Operating soon)
  • Everest Agro Tourism: Dealing in production of agro products and promotion of Tourism which is under construction
  • Shikhar Times (National Weekly): Media Publication
  • Mount Everest Water: Selling of spring water of Mount Everest all over the world which is also under construction.

1.2     Company Introduction:

            Rai Investment and Trading (RIT) Pvt. Ltd. is an independent investment and trading company It is also a Super Dealer/Distributor of VEEDOL brand Lubricants of Tide Water Company Limited–an Indian and American Multinational Company.

            From last 4 years, it has been distributing VEEDOL lubricants brand within the Bagmati Region of Nepal. Its branch is located at Itahari–2 for distributing cargo based three wheelers of Jia Cheng Motorbike Assembling Company Pvt. Ltd.

            It was also dedicated to providing cargo based 3 wheelers (Car Model) of Dong Fang–Chinese Brand in Eastern Region in Nepal. It was a sole distributor in Eastern Region of Nepal for this brand. Since its inception; it has been providing three wheeler motorcycle which was agro based carrier and useful to support agriculture group in the eastern region of the country.

         Of the above businesses, the company was also the manufacturer the automated three wheeler having 4+1 seater passenger carrying vehicle. The company imports various parts and component required from the Guangzhou Wuyang Motor Company Limited, China and assembles and sell the automated three wheeler to the customer through its own distributors/ dealers in Nepal.

         Among them, Rai Investment & Trading (RIT) Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer organization established in 2014/04/23 AD with anobjective of trading, manufacturing and importing exporting business.

         The registered office of the firm is located at Lalitpur Metropolitan–5, Lalitpur, Province no. 3. With the aim of providing quality & prompt services to our esteemend customers demand, we have been operating its branch office and warehouse at, Itahari–2, Province no.1 on company’s own land.

1.3     Running Projects:

  • Authorized sole Distributor for Nepal–Baxy Three Wheeler–Manufactured by Continental Engines Pvt .Ltd ,India
  • Authorized sole Distributor for Nepal–Automax Lubricant–Manufactured by United Petrochem Limited, India (TATA JOHAR GROUP)
  • Super Dealer for Bagmati Region–Veedol Lubricant (Importer–Vishal Group–VG Lube pvt.ltd.)

1.4     Driving Values :

  • We believe in treating our customer with respect and true faith.
  • We grow through creativity invention and innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics in to all aspects of our business functioning.

1.5     Our Approach :

We always work in partnership with our clients to determine the best approach for each individual assignment.

Company’s Upcoming Plans :

  • Automotive Batteries
  • Automotive Tyre
  • Investment in Agro Tourism
  • Ecommerce Business

1.6     Promoter :

          The Rai Investment & Trading (RIT) Pvt. Ltd. has been started as private limited company, owned by Umesh Rai and Deepshikha Rai. The authorized share capital of the Company is Rs. 15 Crore and Issued and paid up capital is Rs. 2 Crore respectively.

1.7     Constitution of the organization:

          Rai Investment & Trading (RIT)s Pvt. Ltd. has been registered under the companies Act, 2063. The Company has taken approval from the different ministries and local level authorities to start the company. The company has duly registered in PAN with Inland Revenue Office. The company will be controlled and supervised by the promoters.

Detail of registration and approval:

1.8     Legal aspects:

As per the Industrial Enterprises Act, 1992 the proposed Enterprises falls under Trading Industry”. It has been registered in Company Registrar’s Office as private company. Company has to perform under the legal framework and should follow the rules and regulation implemented by the government. The company got registered under PAN. The company should work under the rules and regulation imposed by the government. The major acts and regulation to be considered by the company are as follows:

  • Company Act, 2063
  • Income Tax Act, 2058
  • Industrial Enterprises Act, 2074
  • Foreign Investment & Technology Transfer Act, 2049
  • Labour Act, 2074